6 Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

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6 Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

At Dentistry on 7th, we urge you to visit us for your regular checkups for several reasons. Not only do we fix teeth, but we help you maintain your oral hygiene by professionally cleaning them and keeping your bad habits under check. What’s more, we monitor for abnormalities that could point to more serious problems.

At the same time, we understand that life can get busy. It’s estimated that millions of Canadians put off their dental appointments every year. If you or your child have developed any of the following symptoms, then it’s time to stop by Dentistry on 7th as soon as possible.

#1 Bleeding Gums

No part of your body should bleed from a little pressure. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, then it’s likely due to plaque buildup. Plaque is a thin sticky substance that forms on your teeth and can contain thousands of different types of bacteria. These germs will feed on the healthy tissue around your teeth, leading to bleeding gums, which is the first sign of a gum disease called Gingivitis.

Left untreated, gum disease can result in some serious health conditions, including diabetes, stroke, a variety of cancers, and heart disease. If you’re suffering from bleeding gums, then come visit our team of friendly, professional, and skilled dental hygienists.

#2 Aching Teeth

6 Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

There are many reasons why your teeth could be hurting. Perhaps you grind your teeth, or maybe you have a sinus infection. There could also be some more serious reasons for painful teeth:

Gum Infection – Plaque must be combated with brushing, flossing, and regular visits to your dentist. Left unhindered, it can strengthen into a more stubborn substance called tartar.  Eventually, this can progress into a disease called Periodontitis. Like any other gum infection, this will lead to painful teeth and gums.

Gum Recession – While brushing is vital for your oral health, it’s also important to use the right technique. If you brush too aggressively or at the wrong angles, you can wear away your gums. Gum recession can also be caused by plaque, tartar, and other conditions. Tartar’s not only painful and unsightly, but it can’t be reversed. Fortunately, you can visit Dentistry on 7th for many cosmetic dentistry options. These include tooth-coloured fillings, a gum graft, and other natural looking restorations under the artistic eye of Dr. Sarna.

Sensitive Teeth – Plaque loves sweet foods almost as much as you do. When the bacteria comes into contact with sugar, it produces an acid that over time erodes your tooth’s enamel, leading to sensitive teeth. Certain teeth whitening products can also erode your enamel, as does the consumption of acidic foods. If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then stop by Dentistry on 7th for solutions.

Tooth Decay – If you’re not cleaning your teeth regularly and often consume sweet and acidic foods, then you’re susceptible to cavities. This is permanent damage to your teeth as a result of a weakened and destroyed enamel. Dentistry on 7th can help by repairing the damaged tooth with a filing. If your entire tooth needs to be replaced, we also offer dental implants. These are considered to be the gold standard of tooth replacement because they look natural and can last a lifetime.

If you notice tooth discoloration, then it could be an early sign of decay. The good news is that your enamel can still be saved. Drop by as soon as possible to avoid serious problems.

Misaligned Jaw – Sometimes your teeth can hurt through no fault of your own. Your upper and lower teeth may not meet correctly because of jaw misalignment, resulting in discomfort. Left untreated, this pain can be felt in your ears, head, and neck.

For people near Hamilton dental problems can be resolved by planning an orthodontist visit with us for a variety of solutions. This includes Invisalign – braces that look and feel better than traditional metal bands and brackets.

#3 Bad Breath

6 Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

Also known as Halitosis, chronic bad breath can be the result of poor oral hygiene, gum disease, tobacco consumptions, dry mouth, and more. Though we can’t tell you the exact cause without examining the condition, something as simple and painless as teeth cleaning can help alleviate the problem.

#4 Damaged Teeth

Teeth can get damaged for a variety of reasons, from neglecting oral hygiene to roughhousing to bad choices, like substituting your teeth for a bottle opener. If ignored, damaged teeth can get infected, resulting in further issues. Fortunately, we can help with filings, caps, dental implants, and more.

#5 Mouth Sores 

You can get painful blisters in your mouth because of food sensitivity, infections, hormones, stress, and poor dietary habits. Unfortunately, a growth in your mouth can also be the sign of a more serious illness, like oral cancer.

Usually, the chances of developing oral cancer are rare. However, it’s best not to take chances if you have concerns. When you come into Dentistry on 7th, Dr. Sarna will advise you to have an oral cancer screening using the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System. This hand-held device is effective at detecting the disease early.

#6 First Tooth

6 Signs That You Need to Go to the Dentist Immediately

According to the Canadian Dental Association, you should bring your child to a dentist within six months of the growth of their first tooth. This helps tackle problems like broken teeth, cavities, and even tongue-tie (ankyloglossia), which can hinder speech and breastfeeding. Such visits also help children develop good oral hygiene habits by teaching them to brush regularly and correctly. What’s more, as a parent, you could also be informed if your child needs pricey orthodontal treatment down the road.

Meet our pediatric dentists and you’ll be meeting a team that’s incredibly passionate about treating children. We help your child feel relaxed with our friendly and caring attitude, entertainment options, and a positive atmosphere. What’s more, we have all the tools of the trade. This includes soft tissue laser, which allows our team to treat your child with as little discomfort as possible, and laughing gas, which helps alleviate anxiety in children.

If you have any of the above symptoms, come by Dentistry on 7th as soon as you can. We are highly qualified, have years of experience, and have left countless people smiling confidently with healthy teeth.