What Are the Worst Foods & Drinks For Your Teeth?

From coffee and alcohol to fruits and pickles, there is a wide range of drinks and foods that have a negative impact on your teeth. Some of these foods – especially fruits and vegetables – are actually beneficial to your physical health due to their nutritional value, so we don’t suggest cutting them out of your diet completely or even at all. It’s essential to understand how different foods can impact your dental health and the state of your teeth – which is why you should be going in for [...]

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Let Us Brighten Your Smile This New Year

There is no better incentive to make a positive life change than the beginning of a new year – and there is no change more rewarding than the one you can wear proudly on your face. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your smile this year, come to Dentistry on 7th where we are committed to giving you a healthy, glowing smile – and have all the tools to do so! We are your local dental clinic in Hamilton and are happy to use our resources to make your smile the [...]

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What To Do About Teeth Grinding

Grinding teeth absent-mindedly during the night while sleeping, or sometimes in the day, is called bruxism. Mild occasional grinding and clenching won’t cause a big problem, but habitual and continual grinding that happens nightly can lead to some major problems that can end up costing a lot to fix. Bruxism can be a side effect of medication, caused by stress and anxiety, sleep apnea, or is the result of a mismatched bite or crooked teeth. It’s hard to tell if you grind your teeth at night because you’re unconscious! But [...]

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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right For You

If you’re not happy with your smile – perhaps your not-so-pearly whites – cosmetic dentistry provides several options and fixes. You can choose from a suite of dental procedures that include teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers, composite bonding, implants, and more. Some of these procedures can provide extra health and restorative benefits to the functioning and comfort of your mouth.

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