Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

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Dental Implants Can Change Your Life

Dental Implants Can Change Your Life
At Dentistry on 7th, we’re happy to note that our clients are passionate about taking care of their oral hygiene. They brush, floss, and use mouthwash regularly to clean their teeth at home. They avoid consuming foods that are harmful to their oral health and instead eat items that are healthy and strengthen their teeth. They also consume more water instead of sugary or acidic drinks such as dark sodas that can damage and stain their teeth.

They also visit their oral hygienists at the top Hamilton dental clinic to ensure that their oral care is on the right track and to clean hard-to-reach parts of their mouth. What’s more, they’re instilling good habits in their children by being positive role models and by getting them started early with regular checkups at Dentistry on 7th.

Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, people can lose one or more of their teeth. This can happen suddenly because of trauma to the jaw during an accident or a physical activity. It can also happen with old age. Regardless, such people can benefit from dental implants in Hamilton by visiting the professional, friendly, and highly qualified staff at Dentistry on 7th.

At Dentistry on 7th, our clients receive excellent service from the renowned Dr. Sarna, who has achieved a Fellowship in Implantology from the International Congress of Oral Implantology (ICOI). He can perform the most advanced aspects of implant dentistry and bone grafting thanks to the cutting-edge technology and fantastic support staff at our clinic.

Dr. Sarna is something of an artist of dentistry. He takes multiple factors into account before recommending a treatment plan that achieves the best dental aesthetics that matches a patient’s physiology.

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement because they look and feel like natural teeth. What’s more, they can last a lifetime with the right care. Like natural teeth, they stimulate the jaw and stop bone loss. Here are a few ways dental implants can change your life:

#1 Confidence

Dental implants look and feel natural. Because they’re a permanent solution, they can make you look and feel more like yourself. The resulting confidence can have a positive impact on your work and social life.

#2 Health

Nearby teeth don’t need to be modified for dental implants, allowing you to keep more of your teeth. It’s also easier to clean your mouth with dental implants, which improves your oral health. What’s more, people with dental implants have more self-esteem and tend to smile more. Studies state that smiling releases chemicals that reduce stress, depression, and have a positive impact on your heart.

On the other hand, dentures can pose a health risk. Studies suggest that people who use removable dentures are at greater risk for dementia, and may have shorter lifespans because of malnutrition, poorer digestion, more stress, and a lack of mobility. Dentures can also be a host to dangerous biofilm.

#3 Speech

Many people with dentures can face challenges when speaking, especially if the dentures are loose, causing them to slur while talking. There are no such concerns with dental implants.

#3 Eating Food

Even the best dentures can become loose, making it challenging for you to chew food. On the other hand, dental implants are natural and stronger, helping you chew without worrying about pain. With dental implants, you can also eat healthier foods that may require more chewing.

#4 Convenience

Unlike dentures, you don’t have to take your implants on or off or use adhesives. What’s more, they’re long-lasting. On the other hand, dentures can get damaged for a variety of reasons.

Remember, anyone can get dental implants if they have healthy gums and bone to hold them. Many people who get implants are surprised to experience less discomfort than they were expecting thanks to modern techniques and advancements in technology.

We use the following tools to make treatment as comfortable as possible.

  • 3D Cone Beam CT Scan: This highly advanced medical imaging technology allows us to view your jaw in more detail. What’s more, it’s safer than traditional X-rays.
  • Single Tooth Anesthesia System® (STA® System): Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, our patients feel much less pain during procedures. It delivers anesthesia with pinpoint accuracy.
  • The Fotona Lightwalker: A good option for patients who fear anesthesia, this laser treatment is incredibly precise and can gently remove hard and soft tissues. It also reduces the chances of an infection.

If you’re considering getting dental implants, then visit Dentistry on 7th, for a free consultation. We also offer many financing options and accept many insurances that can cover partial or all treatment costs. Call us today to learn more.

Once you have your dental implants, you can take care of them like your regular teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting us for periodic checkups. And if you’re interested in Hamilton cosmetic and implant dentistry — then have many other options at Dentistry on 7th aside from dental implants, such as veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, and teeth whitening. With just a few subtle improvements to the shade, shape, spacing, height or width of your teeth, Dr. Sarna can use his artistic skills to transform your smile.

Remember, cosmetic dentistry is not just for the affluent. Thanks to modern dental techniques and a variety of treatment options, cosmetic dentistry can improve anyone’s smile and give them the boost of self-confidence they need.

Cosmetic dentistry has health benefits too. For example, orthodontic treatments can help people with a misaligned jaw and crooked teeth alleviate pain when speaking, chewing, or eating. This pain is usually felt in the teeth, jaw, ears, and neck. People with corrected teeth are less likely to get tooth decay or gum disease. What’s more, orthodontic treatments can be used by adults or children.

Likewise, aside from being aesthetically pleasing, dental crowns and veneers can strengthen teeth, protect weak teeth, restore broken teeth, attach bridges, hold a filling, and help you chew more easily.

These are a few ways dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures can change your life. If you need such treatment, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consultation from our caring staff. We will be happy to answer any questions and help you find a treatment plan that suits you. Come to Dentistry on 7th and let our family take care of your needs.

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