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The Temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, allows you to open and close your mouth, speak, chew and swallow food. Dysfunction of the joint may lead to symptoms, such as clicking and popping sounds, ringing in the ears, migraines, locking of the jaw and neck pain.

TMJ disorder may be triggered by poor posture, an uneven bite (malocclusion) where the teeth are not able to support the jaw properly etc. This can occur because of missing or misaligned teeth, or back teeth that are too short. When this condition is sustained, the body starts to compensate by involving other muscles from different areas, such as the throat, neck, arms,upper and lower back.  If you suffer from neck, head or facial pain, Dr. Sarna can help in relieving symptoms and restore optimum function.

Dr. Sarna utilizes BOTOX®, a prescription medicine which is injected into muscles and used for preventing headaches in adults who suffer from chronic migraines.